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Bivens Blueprint

Because every business needs a Blueprint

Business-to-Business Networking

Handle referrals and connections without the manual process

Discover and connect with other businesses like yours

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Bivens Blueprint is an improved way of B2B networking. While the market is crowded with ways to advertise to customers, there are few options to connect with each other. Especially in the small business field, where relationships are key to success. Bivens Blueprint is a space for businesses to list their profiles, similar to a business card. And, like a business card, other businesses can use that information to access your website and/or social media. You can share business information with clients like referrals!

Bivens Blueprint, LLC

Bivens Blueprint, LLC

Web Developer

Albany, GA

Why is networking so complicated? I go to business meets and mixers but they are so time consuming!
Right. Many business owners devote so much time on the business itself it can be hard networking for potential clients.
And I always leave with a stack of business cards. I would hate to lose them, because I know referrals are valuable.
There has to be a better way to network!
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I think I may have a solution!crying emoji
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How to get Started with Bivens Blueprint:

  1. Register Your Business

    Register your business to be seen by other users.

  2. Browse

    Search businesses, read the feed of businesses looking for referrals.

  3. Make Contact!

    Once you've found a business you need to connect with, use their contact information to connect to their website, phone, or social media profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot find the answer you are looking for? Contact Me for support!

What is the purpose of this website?

Bivens Blueprint is designed to address the ever-so manual process of managing referrals. In a tech-based environment, how we connect with each other should be elevated, as well.

How is this better than meeting face-to-face?

Your time is best spent on your craft. BP takes the footwork out of the process by allowing you to identify companies you support and have easy access to their information any time you need.

What about other business card apps?

Other apps are designed to share your business with customers, they do not prioritize networking. Bivens Blueprint's primary focus is business-to-business networking.

What is the value-add?

It is important for businesses to work together. Referrals are an essential component in building a successful clientele. Instead of spending your time shuffling through business cards as you try to send referrals, Bivens Blueprint enhances that by allowing you to quickly and easily have preferred business information at your convenience.

Great.. another social media site...

Bivens Blueprint is not social media. Our focus is business to business networking. The goal is to provide a new and efficient method to connect businesses together.

But I already have a website...

Bivens Blueprint does not replace your business website or social media profiles. Instead, it enhances exposure by allowing other businesses an easy way to like, and share your information!

Great! How can I get started?

Click Here to register your business today!

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Coming Soon

Mobile apps to keep you connected.

Stay tuned for apps coming to Android and iOS to enhance your user experience.